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Migdalia Santiago


Migdalia Santiago – Ladies Styling/Performer


Migdalia Santiago was raised in Brooklyn, NY. As a young child, she quickly found the love and passion for the stage. Musical Theatre came to her like second nature. She love the fact of sing, dancing, acting, and putting on shows of others. Being on stage was just something she enjoyed doing. Until a family friend convinced her mother to enroll her in dance classes and ever since then her new love and passion for dance grow stronger. As time went by she was able to take several different styles of dance.(tap, jazz, hip-hop, ballet, modern, salsa on1/ on2, belly dancing, bollywood, african, afro-cuban, etc.) But the one she fell in love with most of all was salsa on2.

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Nieves Latin Dance Studio Brooklyn

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Nieves Latin Dance Studio Bronx

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