Salsa in the Bronx

Salsa and Bachata Classes in the South BRonx

Salsa Classes Start at only $60/Month

Our Salsa and Bachata Classes are 1.5 hours. 

Price is $60 a month for one class per week 

(other packages available)

This price is for 1 class per week 

We specialize in basic beginner classes. Just check our schedule and jump right in. 

- No Experience needed

- No Partner needed

- No Contracts 


New Salsa Classes - Join today

Salsa Dance Classes in Brooklyn and the Bronx

March 7th

Saturdays 4 - 5:30pm

This class is perfect for beginners. If you have never taken a class before, then this is for you. Classes are 1.5 hours 

30 mins of footwork 

1 hour of partnerwork

Register with a friend for a $5 discount

Class Schedule

Salsa and Bachata Dance Classes in Brooklyn.


6:30 - 8pm - Salsa Level 2

8 - 9:30pm - Bachata Level 1


6:30 - 8pm - Salsa Level 4

8 - 9:30pm - Salsa Level  3 


6 - 7:30pm - Salsa Level 1  


6:30 - 8pm - Salsa Level 1 


6 - 7:30pm - Salsa Level 1

7:30 - 9pm - Salsa Partnerwork Only (How to lead and follow) Level 2 & Up  


4 - 5:30pm 

New Beginner Salsa Class

Starting March 7th


Self Defense Class

(Learn to defend yourself in the streets) 

Monthly Social: Saturday, February 15th

Every Third Saturday of the Month 

Salsa and Bachata practice party $10 cover 

9pm - 2am 

Salsa dance classes in Brooklyn

Dance Packages

$90 a month for 2 Classes per week 

$120 for unlimited Classes per week 

Pay for 3 months up front and receive a 

$20 discount on 1 class a week

$30 discount on 2 classes a week

$40 discount on unlimited Classes  

Sign up for Class

Sign up for a Class in the Bronx

When you sign up no payments are needed

Fill out the form on the side and we will sign you up for class

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Nieves Latin Dance Studio

1215 Morris Avenue, Bronx, New York 10456, United States



Open today

05:00 pm – 09:00 pm


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What to wear to class?

Anything comfortable, like you were going to the gym 

Do I need a partner?

No, We will rotate in class

What do the levels mean?

Level 1 - Has been in session for 1-3 Months 

Level 2 - Has been in session for 3-7 Months

Level 3 - Has been in session for 7-11 Months

Level 4 - Has been in session for 11-16